Promelec assignments have an exclusivity and confidentiality character.

As a result, each consultant should:

  • Provide candidates with relevant and accurate information about the client’s organization and the offered position.
  • Present to clients accurate and relevant information about candidates, and otherwise maintain the confidentiality in relations.
  • Encourage candidates to provide accurate information about their qualifications. Upon learning that a candidate has misled the client or our firm regarding his or her qualifications, the consultant should reject the candidate, unless the client, candidate and Promelec agree that the candidacy should continue following disclosure of the facts.
  • Update candidates on the status and disposition of their candidacies.
  • Make sure of having permission before sharing a candidate’s background information with a client.

Promelec is the only Italian Executive Search company able to help firms in their search for the best international managers thanks to its direct branches and associate partners in major economic areas such as Europe, India, China, Russia, USA, Brazil.