Code of Ethics

Promelec International Consultants, in order to perform their duties responsibly, are driven by the following ethical principles, which reflect fundamental values of our retained executive search consulting profession.

Client Relationships

The basis of Promelec International consulting activity is strong ethics, built on respect for human being, fairness and strict observance of agreements.
Promelec International Consultants act in accordance with the following guiding lines:

  • Full understanding of the client organisation, its business needs and the positions to be filled.
  • Acceptance of those assignments that he/she is qualified to undertake on the basis of the consultant's knowledge of the client's needs and the ability to perform the specific assignment.
  • Support the client with integrity and objectivity, providing fair consideration of relevant facts regarding the project.

Confidentiality of information

Promelec International Consultants should use their best efforts to protect confidential information concerning their clients.

Avoiding conflict of interests

Promelec International Consultants should protect their integrity, objectivity and loyalty by avoiding conflicts of interest with their clients.

Promelec is the only Italian Executive Search company able to help firms in their search for the best international managers thanks to its direct branches and associate partners in major economic areas such as Europe, India, China, Russia, USA, Brazil.