International Branches and Network

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Promelec International meets the researching requirements of any corporation, large or small, already acting globally or willing to expand internationally.

From September 2012, Promelec International has established 2 direct branches in 2 countries now playing a leading role in the new economy: India and China. The 2 branches, based respectively in New Delhi and Shanghai, will be Promelec International’s reference within developing markets living a fast growth on a worldwide basis.

Thanks to our partnership with first-rate international Executive Search companies, we have acquired the competence to recruit in all major business languages and countries. What distinguishes us from other executive search companies is that Promelec International always retains the ultimate responsibility for the project and its completion, while the Partner conducting the search evaluates suitable candidates in the target country. The main advantage, compared to traditional method of passing total responsibility for your search to a consultant not directly known and working thousands of miles away, is that the client preserve local control, in spite of the international nature of the project.

Promelec is the only Italian Executive Search company able to help firms in their search for the best international managers thanks to its direct branches and associate partners in major economic areas such as Europe, India, China, Russia, USA, Brazil.