Executive Search is a sophisticated process for the identification, assessment and appointment of senior level executives - professionals and specialists - in an organization.

Research activity steps

Promelec using this method:


We specialize in finding senior executives to fill positions on the top three levels within company hierarchy.

  • Analysis of
    company setting

    Meeting with the client and careful survey of the researched profile (personal and professional)

  • Submission of
    a project proposal

    Inclusive of job analysis and criteria to detect candidates. Proposal to the client, including a job analysis and the specific process to be used in order to identify the ideal candidate, search methodology and standard terms and conditions. Definition of the Work Team for the project (research team and references), conditions and timing.

  • Mapping

    Mapping of target companies and candidate identification; reporting to client on research progress.

  • Direct connection
    with candidates

    Individual interview of 2 hours – average - to check professional and personal features, potential, targets and reasons for a change

  • Presentation of a
    short list of candidates

    The best profiles will be presented to the client through a confidential report, including all data about the candidate.

  • Assistance
    to the client

    Assistance for the interviews with candidates and thereafter drafting, presenting and negotiating the job offer

  • Assistance
    to the candidate

    Helping the candidate to resign and follow up of the process and support to his introduction into the company and follow up of the process with both candidate and client

  • We avoid common “database trap”: for each search we employ a trifurcated sourcing strategy – scouting on target companies, industry referral and our consulting network.
  • We detect interesting candidates within the wide group of people not properly “active” in the search of a new job opportunity.
  • We have a firm capability in searching the best candidates for our clients, because our net of local consultants has direct knowledge on valuable candidates in their business areas.

Promelec is the only Italian Executive Search company able to help firms in their search for the best international managers thanks to its direct branches and associate partners in major economic areas such as Europe, India, China, Russia, USA, Brazil.