Promelec International offices are in Milan, where Direction and Research Team are based.
Promelec India and Promelec China, based respectively in New Delhi and Shanghai.

Distinguishing feature of our organization is the uniqueness of our team, formed by 16 consultant with strong experience in managerial roles, based in the main Italian industrial areas and working in close contact with clients.
Our consultants are supported by a staff of 15 people dedicated to search activity, to be conducted always in line with clients’ needs.

In this way, every consultant shares with the client the understanding of cultural and industrial peculiarities of his/ her area and can provide a clear view on search needs on a local, national or international basis.

Promelec is the only Italian Executive Search company able to help firms in their search for the best international managers thanks to its direct branches and associate partners in major economic areas such as Europe, India, China, Russia, USA, Brazil.